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A Thorough History, Evaluation & Programming
Equals Improved Outcomes & Greater Patient Satisfaction

“I have made a consistent effort over 25 + years as a doctor to keep updated on not only advances in manual techniques but also advances in manual technologies such as Laser, Non-Surgical Spinal decompression, and High-Frequency Electro-Therapy. It is such a pleasure to be able to create programs that are focused, safe, comfortable, and effective. I can use some or all of the therapies listed below to tailor specific treatment plans for each individual.” -Dr. Mark Chiungos

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Chiropractic Care

Dr. Chiungos detects and manages subluxation and its harmful effects. Subluxation is a Chiropractic term that describes the pain, swelling and loss of function that occurs when a joint in the body is misaligned, compressed or strained.

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SpineMED® Decompression

Are you suffering from disc-related pain in your neck, arms, hands, low back, legs or feet, and want to avoid surgery? We may be able to help with the FDA-cleared SpineMED decompression system. This modern therapy can comfortably treat intervertebral disc disease.

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Doctor using laser treatment with female patient

Aspen Laser Therapy

Aspen Laser Therapy produces photochemical responses at the cellular level, which boost circulation and cellular energy production, while reducing inflammation and oxidative stress. This comfortable modality may alleviate back and neck pain, sprains and strains, carpal tunnel syndrome and many other conditions.

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Knee pain

Hako-Med Therapy

This groundbreaking form of electrotherapy releases endorphins and alleviates pain. It also promotes tissue healing and increases circulation in the area being addressed. Hako-Med Therapy may address back pain, knee pain, shoulder pain, peripheral neuropathy and more.

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