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New Patients

The personal feeling at every visit begins the moment you walk through the door. Dr. Mark will greet you when you arrive and make you feel warmly welcomed. Get ready to learn about your health and begin your healing!

How to Prepare for Your First Appointment

There are several things you can bring with you:

  • Your insurance card
  • Any MRIs or X-rays you have
  • A list of medications you take
  • The completed new patient forms, which will be emailed to you

Getting Started

When you arrive, you and Dr. Mark will sit down to talk about what has brought you in. All your questions will be answered before moving on to an assessment. This advanced chiropractic examination sequence involves multiple assessments designed to locate your spinal problems of alignment and/or compression. These malfunctioning areas are commonly the sources of your disease and are affecting your good health. If X-rays need to be taken, you will be referred to a nearby hospital. Dr. Mark will discuss the findings from your examination. You will go over informed consent, and if you choose, get a chiropractic adjustment. In total, your first visit takes about an hour.

Call Now

Contact the office today to schedule your first appointment! Convenient late opening hours are available. CONTACT US

New Patients | (978) 376-8190