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About Us

Dr. Mark Chiungos attended New York Chiropractic College and graduated with honors. He became an associate of a well-known chiropractor, who Dr. Mark learned a great deal from. After some years of experience, he decided to open his own practice.

Why Chiropractic?

Dr. Mark sees his role in simple terms: to help people continue to live fulfilling, rich lives. If you are under stress, in pain or have low energy, chiropractic may be the perfect solution for you.

Though you likely seek chiropractic care because you are in pain, the alleviation you will experience is far from the only benefit. Patients report greater vitality, higher mobility, and a better overall function.

Guided by a Moral Compass

Dr. Mark believes in honesty and decency above all. He wants to do the right thing by each patient. When you meet Dr. Mark, your safety, health and best interests are always kept in mind.

If he determines that you can benefit from care, he will get to the root of your problem, apply the correct technique, and begin making the changes your body needs to be healthy.

Stay in Great Health

You might be surprised at how such a safe, simple form of health care can get you feeling good quicker than you ever believed. Most people seek out chiropractic because they are in pain. As they feel better, they notice that their function is improving, too.

One of Dr. Mark’s patients was a man working in the telecommunication industry. Though chiropractic had him feeling better, he thought it would never be possible to reduce the frequency of visits from his once-a-week appointments. Before long, however, the man was seeing Dr. Mark monthly and now just needs periodic tune-ups.

Discover If You Are a Candidate

If you are curious about chiropractic, learn more today. Contact the chiropractic office of Dr. Mark Chiungos D.C.!

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